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By this web site, you may take look on my CV, my past and present works and my blog. If you want, you may contact me by using "Contact Me" page or if you want me to work for you, you may use "Job Hunting" page.

By filling contact form, you will be sending an email to my personal mail address. So, you may be sure that I will be reading your every contact request. Looks like there was a problem with contact feature since September, I've fixed the problem and now its functional again. If you have used this feature and wasn't able to contact me, please retry again.

I have generated a gpg key-pair for secure communication. You can find my public key here. Also, you may use keybase to communicate with me in private. Please check this link.

I hope you all enjoy my personal web site.

Özgür Pekçağlıyan (M.Sc.)

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by zgrw on 2014-10-29 15:36:44